First Fridays


A conversation with former Google-strategist, philosopher and author James Williams.

Plus, a warm up exercise w/ special guest Jac Mullen,




A conversation hosted by Jeff Dolven and Matthew Spellberg on the Strother School of Radical Attention.

Warm-up exercise led by Ana Marques.

And, a toolkit exercise.


Strother School


A conversation with Yves Citton on attention and curiosity.

Questions on Curiosity


Citton, crt wall


A discussion with Caleb Smith on his new book Thoreau's Axe: Distraction and Discipline in American Culture.

W/ special guest Jared Rankin, an exercise in drifting with the clouds ...


Thoreau's Axe Cover Art


Caleb Smith, excerpt from Thoreau's Axe

Henry David Thoreau, excerpt from Journal

Micro-documentary film-screenings on diverse practices of attention, with shorts from filmmaker and FoA intern Dylan Liu, and a conversation on the Friends of Attention coalition-building effort.

Plus, a filmic warm-up from Claudia Claremi!


Still from FoA micro-documentary


A discussion with Jamie Kreiner on her new book The Wandering Mind: What Medieval Monks Tell Us about Distraction.

Plus, a Centripetal ASMR exercise with Ana Marques, and David B. Landes on The Attention Trove ...




John Cassian, Collationes excerpt


The Centripetal ASMR Spirographic Centering Meditation:

Courtesy of the 2020 ESTAR(SER) residency at the Watermill Center - "Wondergraphic Distraction"

Wondergraphic Distraction, Part I:

Wondergraphic Distraction, Part II:


A discussion with Stefanie Hessler on the forthcoming Attention, Algorithms, and Social Justice exhibition.

W/ special guest Stevie Knauss, and a January intervention protocol.


Attention, Algorithms, and Social Justice


Presented by: Eva Nagao




Excerpt from an interview with Mariame Kaba

Attention as the Discipline of Care


Presented by: Sal Randolph

W/ special guest David Richardson, and an exercise in mutual dreaming.


dance of attention


Sal Randolph, an excerpt from The Uses of Art


Presented by special guest: Silvia Caprioglio Panizza

W/ special guest Daphne Barile, and an August exercise.


ethics of attention


A conversation with artist Lex Brown about love, politics, art, education, and her participation in the "Gramsci Monument" project.

Love and Politics


Lex Brown, "Monument Time" 

A screening of Statues Hardly Ever Smile (1971).

Followed by Q&A with producer: Kent Garrett, author of The Last Negroes at Harvard (2020), and a founding member of Black Journal (1968) and "Chamba Productions" (1971).


Statues hardly smile


Exercise of the Zoom Buddha (in the spirit of Nam June Paik)

A collaborative conversation on curriculum for the upcoming Spring 2022 Attention Labs.

Facilitated by: Lane Stroud and Kristin Lawler



Brainstorming Curriculum Powerpoint

An Exercise with the Body

A collaborative conversation on curriculum for the upcoming Spring 2022 Attention Labs.

Facilitated by: Marcus Ryan

W/ special guest Diego Zamalloa-Chion and "Scenes of Attention."


scene of attention


Presented by: Sonali Chakravarti and Lane Stroud




Rachel Syme "On the Nose" from The New Yorker, Vol. XCVI, Iss. 46

A collaborative conversation on the "Handbook for the Attention Liberation Movements" working text drafted as part of the ongoing work of the Politics of Attention Workshops.




Friends of Attention, working text of "The Handbook for the Attention Liberation Movements"

Presented by: Aaron E. Hirsh

W/ special guest Jared Rankin, and an exercise in practical nephomancy.

yangtze turtle


Allora & Calzadilla, Ted Chiang, "The Great Silence" from e-flux journal #65 SUPERCOMMUNITY

Presented by: Alexandra Hui


Alexandra Hui, Attention to Silence Powerpoint

Attention to Silence

Presented by: Adam Jasper

W/ special guest: Penumbra Knauss,  and her reflections on shadows.




Joseph Rykwert, "The Sciotherum" from The Idea of a Town: The Anthropology of Urban Form in Rome, Italy, and the Ancient World

Attention to Shadows Exercise

Presented by: Dominic Pettman





Vilém Flusser, "The Gesture of Loving" from Gestures

Presented by: Jeff Dolven





Rainer Maria Rilke, "Archaic Torso of Apollo"

Attention to "The New"

Presented by: Anthony Acciavatti




Adam Phillips, Attention Seeking