About the Friends of Attention

The Friends of Attention are a loose, informal network of creative collaborators, colleagues, and actual friends who share an interest in “ATTENTION” — the puzzles and promises of the focused mind and the directed senses. We are committed to ATTENTION ACTIVISM. The Friends emerged in the wake of the 2018 São Paulo Biennial, where many of us were involved in the "Practices of Attention" program that took place just a few days after the election of Jair Bolsonaro. Responding to an expanding sense of crisis, eighteen artists, scholars, and activists gathered in the summer of 2019 at "The Politics of Attention: Art, Time, Technology, Action", where the nucleus of the “Friends” took shape in collective reading, writing, and interventions. There is no “membership” in the Friends. There are friends. For more information, email: friendsofattention@gmail.com


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